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I don’t have a favorite designer. I mix it up all the time. I buy expensive and I buy cheap. It’s whatever I like. I don’t necessarily go for a brand. My moods change and so does my style.

It’s chaos and I love every minute of it. There is a LOT of people, a LOT of food, a LOT of laughter and it always ends in a card game.

My Husband loves my Turkey soup as well as my Escarole, Sausage and Bean soup. My kids love my meatballs and pasta. They are picky eaters.

My Dad is a retired Army Colonel. I am very proud of him. I am also very proud of my Mother. An Army wife, is a busy wife. We moved around a lot to some really interesting places, including Korea and Germany. I think it made me a better rounded person and allowed me to make many friends all over the country whom I have remained friends with all of these years. To this day, I love meeting new people.

Butterfinger blizzards from Dairy Queen

I met Chris while booth modeling at a Sporting Goods Convention in Chicago the summer of 1996 that my Dad and his coworker Steve Shirippa set up for me. We became instant friends, never knowing how great it would turn out between us and the beautiful 2 boys we would create out of our love in addition to my beautiful daughter from my previous marriage. It was fate.

Ashley and I are better than ever. The show really brought us closer together. We both learned from watching and listening to each other.She’s beautiful, talented and smart. She’s growing, learning and has become much more independent. (Her way…the hard way…just like she wanted and needed)

It’s a great learning experience to see yourself through the eyes of others. It brought my daughter and I closer together. I have met so many great interesting people that I may have never met otherwise and that is including my social media friends. I have also been offered many great opportunities that may have never come to me had I not been on the show. I am very proud to have had the opportunity to be part of the BRAVO family and it’s given me a huge platform to raise awareness for Autism.

Every parent on this earth, whether or not they will admit it, has made some good decisions as a parent and some bad. Every parent has had strong and weak moments. Every parent has been through good times with their kids and bad. When your on a reality TV show, you have to expect that the more controversial moments are going to be aired and thrown back in your faces time and again. You have to expect that others will judge you and your decisions. You will even judge yourself. If you know who you are and the love you have for your family and the good intentions you have for their well being, It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks. Hopefully by watching ourselves and each other, we can see things from a different perspective and learn from our mistakes and grow as a person.

The “REAL” Jacqueline Laurita is just what you see on the show but I’m not as weak as some people may perceive me to be. I’m the kind of girl who will pick and choose my battles more wisely and I try not to sweat the small petty stuff. I will definitely take a LOT from people especially if I feel it’s not important to fight about, but I can DEFINITELY hold my own when challenged. I don’t get intimidated by other people’s ignorance. I love being a Wife and a Mother. I consider myself to be very down-to-earth and never want to allow fame or success to change who I am in a negative way. It’s important for me to use the attention I’m receiving in a positive way to help others.

Scouters from a production team came to our local salon, “Chateau” in Franklin Lakes asking the owners about the women in town who might be interested in a show about Jersey Mom’s and I was a suggestion. I was passed on their information and out of curiosity, I called them and we talked for 2 hours. They later came for an in-person interview with a camera. They called me back inviting me to be a cast member. I had NO IDEA what I was getting myself into.

You get used to the cameras and learn to ignore them as if you’re at a gathering where you know there are other people around you in the same room but you are just focused on whatever you are doing or whoever you are speaking to. You just tune out everything else.

I welcome any life experience whether it’s good or bad, no matter how stressful it is, because it helps me to grow as a person. In doing The Housewives show I have experienced a lot of both good and bad, just as everyone does in their own lives. Being on TV is no different. I may be just more open about my struggles than others. It’s a great learning experience to see your own self in action as others may perceive you. Sometimes it’s an eye opener to learn about those who you have allowed into your life along with the joy (or not) of getting to hear what others say about you.

Don’t give up hope! If you want it bad enough, it can happen! It’s all in the timing. Make sure you have your Doctor check everything with you and your partner to make sure everything is ok and that there are no serious issues that need to be corrected first. If everything checks out ok, give it time. I know how devastating it can be each month that goes by without getting pregnant or if you have miscarried, but If you don’t give up, eventually you will get what you want. Believe you will have that baby!
I took a baby aspirin everyday to help thin the lining in my uterus so the baby could attach itself easier. I had sex every other day starting from the 9th day after my period until the 17th day. I also was given a progesterone insert for the first 3 months after I conceived.

Don’t make it a chore for your husband. They can get turned off by that. It’s too much pressure for them and makes them feel like its not about them. Make them feel like you are just really turned on by them. Tell them how hot they are and you can’t get enough of them. Make it sexy instead of a just a chore for them to produce .

We have always talked openly about it as a family and everyone has their roles and responsibilities in Nick’s recovery. CJ is very involved as a playmate. He is very loving and kind to Nicholas. He also serves as food police to make sure Nick doesn’t get ahold of anything that’s not on his special diet.Ashlee adores him.

Whenever I feel like I’m getting overwhelmed, I take a break. If you don’t care care of yourself, you can’t give your best to others. I also tend to stay up late and get up early. Take it day by day and find the joy in the little things. I was thrilled to enjoy a bath by candlelight the other day while listening to Louise Hay affirmations. :0)

You just have to carve out that time. Everyone involved in your child’s life needs to have their roles and responsibilities set ahead of time. Chris and I have date nights and couples night out. CJ gets one on one time with his DAD & cousins on a guys night out. I spend time with CJ while Nicholas is in his therapies and we always do things together as a family as well. You have to schedule the time.

I know what you mean. I obsessively researched in the beginning and felt overwhelmed. Get to know your child and pay attention to what their strengths and weaknesses are. Go from there. Nick needed ABA for compliance, speech & language because he couldn’t talk, music therapy because he responded well to music. I cleaned up his diet first because I wanted him to be the healthiest he could be from the inside out so that he could respond best to his therapies. Then I tried other things like gymnastics for coordination and strength.

You can get the nutrients she needs from supplements, calcium and vitamin D and in other foods. My son like coconut milk. I put vanilla coconut milk in his smoothies. Nicholas doesn’t use dairy at all. I would research more about dairy and how it impacts certain kids on the spectrum. Have you done any food and allergy testing?

May be a sensory issue. Take him out of the noisy area he is in. You may want to try some Listening therapy to help with that. Also I have seen people use noise canceling headphones. That may help.

We stopped a lot of the tantrums by making schedule boards with pictures of people, places, things in his life (PECS size) to show him what we will be doing and who he will see throughout the day. WE put it on a board with velcro to show him the order of the day. We also use timers to let him know that once the timer goes off, he must transition to another activity. (NEVER GIVE EXTRA TIME because they can be very manipulative) Once they figure this out, it gets easier on them and transitions are easier. We also count.

Just to stay positive, Say positive loving things to him, keep believing in him, and pushing him to defy expectations. Patience on both our parts.

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