Jacqueline LauritaEarly Detection and Early Intervention is key to recovery! Recovery is about giving your child the best tools you can give him/her to bring out the best child that your child can be. With repetition, persistence, consistency and dedication, it IS possible to recover skills that they have once lost. I know this because I have seen it in my own child. The changes in him over the past couple years have been phenomenal, and he keeps defying expectations.

There may not be a known cure for Autism, but with early detection and the right early intervention treatments and therapies, your child’s signs and symptoms of autism can greatly improve. BELIEVE this to be true because it IS possible. BELIEVE in your child!

I realized very quickly that the Autism Spectrum is very wide. I had to learn the hard way that what works for one child, may not work for another. They are like little snowflakes. Each one is bright and beautiful but different and unique. They each will navigate their own path. Don’t get discouraged! Just try something else. Don’t give up! Keep pushing! I promise you it gets better!

It’s a new and amazing journey that you are on. It may be a different journey than the one you expected, but it is still just as wonderful. It’s a joy and a challenge every single day. You will learn to appreciate and celebrate any and all accomplishments your child makes because you’ll see first hand how hard your child will work for those accomplishments.

Here is a poem called “Welcome to Holland” that someone gave to me, with a key chain of a little pair of Holland shoes as a reminder, that really made sense and helped to change my perception on coping with his diagnosis.….

Don’t get too caught up in worrying about how your child may not be as typical as his/her peers. I know that can be really painful. Focus on his/her “abilities” rather than his/her “disabilities”. Enjoy the special moments you will have. There will be a lot. You have a brilliant child!

Seek stories of success and hope! It will keep you going. Keep believing he/she will do the things you may think now are not possible. Keep Positive thoughts and avoid negative distractions and words from others.


Autism speaks offers the 100 day kit to give newly diagnosed families a guideline of what to do within the first 100 days after a diagnosis. This may help.