Music Therapy with Jammin Jenn

I thought you might be interested in following Nicholas’ early progress and progression with his music therapist, Jammin Jenn! Enjoy!


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Jennifer Pacht- Goodman-Owner Jammin Jenn Music Therapy for Children LLC
Certified Music Therapist, CMT-MA, BFA

Jammin Jenn Music Therapy for Children LLC established in 2009 and Owned by Jennifer L. Pacht- Goodman is a private Music Therapy practice based out of Watchung NJ. Jammin Jenn Music Therapy for Children LLC services over 45 children weekly, providing 1:1 therapy. We provide in home sessions as well as sessions in our studio. We are rapidly growing Jammin Jenn Music Therapy for Children services 7 NJ schools.
What is Music Therapy? Musical activities are used to enhance social and language skills. Music Therapy is a powerful, non-threatening tool to build upon a child’s innate strengths, while gently guiding the child to an enjoyable and musically productive experience. It uses instrumental play, sing alongs, and socialization to embark upon a stimulating and creative musical journey. Throughout that journey, the child learns new social tools, improved language use and function and explores more rewarding interpersonal relationships. Music is the universal language and is a natural reinforcer.
Who is Jenn Pacht -Goodman aka “Jammin Jenn”?
Jenn was awarded her Bachelor in Fine Arts degree from the Boston Conservatory of Music and a Master of Arts in Music Therapy from NYU. She is trained in three distinct forms of ABA(Applied Behavioral Therapy); Discrete Trials, PECS, and Verbal Behavior. She skillfully combines her theatrical and multifaceted clinical training into an effective, and unique approach. Jenn has touched the lives of hundreds of children throughout the past 15 years providing Music Therapy services. She is one of the most sought after therapists in the state of NJ providing this service. Jenn, trains and supervises all of her employees so that each family gets exceptional services.

Some goals music therapy addresses are;
Increasing Eye-Contact while requesting a desired instrument
Increasing attending behavior
Increasing social awareness through fun musical experiences
Increasing vocalizations and speech fluency through singing familiar and unfamiliar songs
For more information about Jammin Jenn Music Therapy for Children LLC please visit our website
Jennifer Pacht- Goodman-Owner Jammin Jenn Music Therapy for Children LLC
Certified Music Therapist, CMT-MA, BFA


Nicholas Laurita’s Music Therapy Journey-Video Journal

Session #1- In this clip, Nick is being exposed to new experience, live music, guitar, drums, new person ME(therapist) and yet, he is completely engrossed and engaged and making incredible connections and is very interested in wanting to participate.


Nick sings Twinkle Twinkle in Music Therapy.  This video is a much improved clip from the other Twinkle Clip above.  See the progress.

Nick says “I love you” In music therapy and means it.  When a child with special needs feels unconditional love, anything is possible.  Never give up! Check him out!

In this clip Nick is being motivated by “lollipops” He is starting to speak and with the use of candy YUMMY he is talking SO much more.

In this clip Nick is starting to become comfortable with therapist and the act of participating and following therapist led directions in the fun therapy. He loves drums.

As Nick and began to get to know each other, I found that games and affection was really the best way to reach him… The following clip show how play can be used in music therapy…

You tube Clips of Nick L. in Music Therapy with Jammin Jenn
Learning colors through music and melody:

Attending behavior improving:

Working on more full sentence structure and acknowledging the “here and now” in the session which is “Nick is in music time with Miss Jenn”

Counting in Music Therapy:

Keeping the beat, playing the drums and using two sticks! WOW!

Tickle time:

Apples and Bananas(Language is exploding!)

Following directions and processing in Music Therapy(and having a lot of FUN!)

Nick loves the song Bingo. He is so focused and following the beat as well. Go Nick!

Nick sings about going back to school in Septmember

Nick is Thankful on Thanksgiving…

Nick is learning all about emtions in music therapy. Check out how a melody can help a child pay attention and learn, all while having fun!

Nick LOVES Ocean Drum, its a soothing and calming and helps Nick to express “drum”